The Familyhood Connection Inc is a 501 C-3 corporation in the State of California.

Our two motto’s are:

1) ” a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store at every school site.
2) ” A functioning Student Government Association (SGA), Parent Teacher Association ( PTA) and Alumni (AA) Association at every school site to manage and operate the garden, farmers market and grocery store above.

This collaboration of organizations ( SGA + PTA + AA) is what we call The Intergenerational Enterprise for short “#Familyhood.”

In addition to #Familyhood representing these school based organizations in collaboration, #Familyhood is the vision that connects the school to the improvement of its surrounding community, transforming a typical neighborhood to become healthier and more sustainable in short #Familyhood. is one of our programs that promotes #Familyhood at every school site.

1st Saturdays promotes mainly SGA + PTA + AA members to volunteer once a month “the first Saturday of every month” at school sites and share updates about their organizations. 1st Saturdays also promotes local businesses to volunteer at school sites, while sharing career pathways, internships and job opportunities when available to the Students/Parents/Alumni.

We are currently implementing #familyhood in the East Bay of California and promoting it to the word as a model for community development.

Our vision is to have a full time #Familyhood organizer at every school site for $70,000.

This person will plan and implement a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store at a school site.
They will assist/organize student leaders on campus to function as a student government association. Which means, students would participate in an election.
They will coordinate the recruitment of the schools Parent Teacher Association and School’s alumni Assocation.