#Familyhood is our vision.
#Familyhood is a community development strategy that utilizes schools as the hub for community development. #Familyhood utilizes the schools location and its inter-generational participation to increase capacity and governance from within a school.

#Familyhood is driven by two motto’s: 1) The Friends of School Motto, which states: “every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association (SGA), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Alumni Association (AA).” 2) The Mo’ Better Food Motto, which states, “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.”

In a nutshell, #Familyhood is the collaboration of these organizations (SGA+PTA+AA) and together they plan/operate and own their school garden, farmers market and grocery store. These school- based enterprises are hands on low-cost start-up’s (garden,farmers market) that will give the students hands-on business training. #Familyhood believes, “once these first two low-cost start up’s are successful, the school’s #Familyhood will have enough members, collectively to run a grocery store.

#Familyhood plants the seed in the mind of the students that one day, they too will graduate, become and Alumni, and return to improve these projects they once planned and worked as students.