#Familyhood is short for The Inter-Generational Enterprise. It is phase two towards advancing a community towards #Familyhood.
Once the school has achieved the two motto’s of #Familyhood, i.e. “every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni…and #2) “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store, phase 2, The Inter-generational Enterprise, recruits from the body of the #Familyhood, dedicated representatives from each of the organizations mentioned above, along with representatives from the local community i.e. local companies, etc.

One of the main roles of #intergenerationalenterprise is to recruit local businesses to volunteer with #Familyhood and to share what their companies does, resources they may have. ie. jobs, internships.

At phase 2, The Intergenerational Enterprise phase, #Familyhood’s main role is to leverage the participation of the students/parents role in the school- based start-up enterprises of motto #1 (i.e. the garden, the farmers market, grocery store into developing entrepreneurial/employment skills into their local community.