The Mo’ Better Food motto: “Every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and grocery store,” utilizes the farmers market as a gateway to developing the grocery store. For example, the Mo’ Better Food farmers market initially began at Mcclymonds High School. Students in my business class managed the market, built the website and produced various marketing materials to promote it. They were able to utilize technology to improve a social issue for their community (promote healthy food) while developing a market for under-served, African-Amerian communities). A few years later, I co-directed the West Oakland food Collaborative, which received a three year planning grant to expand the market into a grocery store. This same time of model can be applied to any community. Utilize your high schools as distribution centers for your local farmers!

* image of Mr. Will Scott, President of The African -American farmers of California. He now supplies produce to the Freedom farmers market every Saturday.